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David Foster Recognized by ATP for Career Contributions to Testing

Posted by Caveon

April 1, 2019

David Foster Receives Test Industry AwardIn front of more than one thousand members of the assessment community, Dr. David Foster, Caveon CEO and Co-founder, was honored to receive the Association of Test Publishers’ Award for Professional Contributions and Service to Testing.

The award was conferred on March 18, 2019 in the opening general session of the Innovations and Testing Conference to commemorate Dr. Foster’s lifetime of tireless dedication to the testing industry.

The award, according to the Association of Test Publishers, “honors individuals who have made a positive impact on the industry of testing through professional contributions and service,” which includes service to peers and colleagues in the industry, as well as tangible improvements to testing itself.

Awards Committee Co-chairs, Alina von Davier and Robert Pedigo, selected Dr. Foster to be the 13th recipient of the award after a rigorous ballot and review process that included input from representatives across the entire breadth and depth of ATP’s global activities.

“Dave joins an impressive group of individuals whose Professional Contributions and Service to Testing are recognized by a global community to have defined assessment,” Pedigo said. “My Awards Committee Co-chair, Alina von Davier, and I noted strong support for Dave’s selection.”

Among the honorees is another Caveon Co-founder, John Fremer, who was the first person ever to receive this award in 2007. Caveon joins the testing industry in appreciation of the meaningful contributions that Dr. Fremer and Dr. Foster have both made to the assessment space.

“Dave’s life’s work in testing has been tireless, featuring both commercial successes and volunteerism at a very high level in a wide variety of defining organizations,” Pedigo said. “He is very well-known and respected for these activities and for his willingness to help members of the assessment community with collegial advice.”

David Foster, Caveon CEO, Receives Association of Test Publishers’ Award for Professional Contributions and Service to Testing

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